How Our Rug Cleaning Process Leaves Your Rug Looking Cleaner, Fresher for Longer. The Difference you can see, feel and smell.

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"IronClad" Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied, we will refund you 100% of the payment. Better yet, we won't take any upfront payments from you. We get paid when you are 100% satisfied with the service you received.

Free Pick Up & Delivery*

Lugging around your heavy rug in and out of your car and home can be a workout. So, don't sweat it - we offer you free pickup & delivery for rugs larger than 8x10 in size within X miles. Not in our radius? We will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

White Glove Service

Leave the back-breaking work to us. To remove your rug, we lift, move and reorganize all your furniture so you don't have to.

7 Day Turn Around

We won’t leave you with bare floors for long. With our high capacity dry room and rug towers we are able to completely dry your rug within 7 business days.

Personalized Rug Cleaning

To clean rugs, you need to know rugs. One size doesn't fit all. We take a completely personalized approach to cleaning your rugs, ensuring the deepest clean possible with the highest percentage of stain removal.

Qualified Cleaning Technicians

You can trust your rugs will be taken care of because of our highly trained and experienced rug cleaning technicians with over 10 years of rug cleaning experience.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Phoenix

Every area rug we clean is done in our 4800 sq feet facility dedicated to giving your rug the attention it needs. All of our equipment and experience in rug cleaning is pointed toward one important goal - to give you a thorough rug cleaning experience and (while keeping a) peace of mind - leaving you with a properly cleaned and sanitized rug which you can be proud of and enjoy again. All Without lifting a finger.

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Did You Know Your Rug Can Hold Up to Three Times Its Weight in Dirt, Dust, Dead Skin While Acting As A Breeding ground for Millions of Dust Mites? Our 7 Step Rug Cleaning and Sanitization Process is the only Method to Throughly and Completely Clean Your Rugs. Here's How...

Step One: Rug Pre-Inspection

The devil is in the details - Your rugs go through a detailed and comprehensive 36-point inspection sheet outlining all the problem areas before the cleaning process begins. By doing this we can be as transparent as possible with you and allow our technicians the opportunity to best clean and remove stained areas.

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Step Two: Dye Test

The last thing you want is to have your rug returned looking like a tie-dye shirt. Before we start cleaning your rugs we do a dye test to see how strong or weak the dyes are. If they bleed or crock, we take additional steps to stop or minimize the unwanted effects by using different polymers and mordants to stabilize the dyes.

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Step Three: Dusting

By far the most important step to getting a rug throughly cleaned is having it be dust and dirt free. Our industrial rug dusting machine beats your rug from both top and bottom of the rug, removing the majority of unwanted contaminants buried deep inside the foundation. How can you have a clean rug if theres still dirt and dust left in the foundation after having it washed?

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Step Four: Hand Washing

Your rug will be fully submerged in cold water and hand washed using different rug shampoos based on the material and construction of your rug. The techniques will change based on what kind of rug we are cleaning. Therefore, its important to be able to identify rugs based on the region, fiber content, quality and construction. Your rug is going to look and feel like new.

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Step Five: Centrifuge

Our two-step drying process starts with using centrifugal force to extract 96% of the water out of your rug. Doing this immediately stops the browning, yellowing and potential dye migration which can occur if the drying process is slow or improperly done.

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Step Six: Air Dry

In the final stage of drying, your rug is hung on a rug tower to complete the drying process. Leaving your rug bone dry and eliminating any unwanted mold and bacteria build up.

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Step Seven: Post Inspection

The last stage of the process is where your rug gets its final inspection. Your area rug gets its final quality control check from our technicians. And is followed up with grooming and vacuuming to recondition its pile, leaving your rug soft to the touch.

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We clean all our customer's area rugs at our state of the art cleaning facility. Every rug undergoes our 7 step professional rug cleaning process.

We do not offer spot cleaning on site as pre treatment for stains is done while the rugs are going through our water submersion and cleaning process.

Our Free pick up & delivery is for customers within a 10 mile radius of our facility.